It’s almost mid-night! Still there is a huge rush in the Howrah station, which stands like an ancient behemoth in the death of the night. People scamper down the much-trodden steps of the underpass dodging each other to make their way to a train restlessly waiting to leave the station. It gives out one final whistle before it begins to move, as the people on the platform starts running. If they don’t, they will miss the ‘Last Local’.


They somehow make it into the train, find a place to stand near the gate of the half-crowded compartment and pants heavily for a few minutes as the announcements from the Howrah station fade away in the grim mid-night air. Then they smile at each other – almost in appreciation of some glorious victory! Another day has passed by, another battle won. They are all winners, they are the ‘Locals’.

As the dawn breaks, as the aroma of freshly-brewed tea fills the air and as the bundles of newspapers reach the different sub-urban stations of Bengal, the locals start their day. They board one of the ‘local trains’, the lifeline of Bengal, and leave for Kolkata to earn their livelihood.

No matter what the locals do and where they go, there is one rule they all abide by! They can’t afford to miss the ‘Last Local’!

The locals, within the time-bound structure of their daily lives, always seek to improve the quality of living. They are always at a look out to get the best of everything in the most affordable price. Despite the day-to-day hardship, they manage to find the fine balance of life through their very-own ‘jugaad’ technique.


We, at ‘Last Local’, bring that spirit to the table and apply the same philosophy to keep marketing and production costs low, yet deliver the best-possible product to the consumers.

‘Last Local’ comes up with an objective to provide prospects and customers with the following benefits:

–              Maintain Quality of the Product, hence add “product value”

–              Work towards “Value for Money”, hence maintain “affordability”

–              Deliver Products on Time to the Customer, hence maintain “timeliness”

All products at ‘Last Local’ are tested for quality parameters from the best of labs in India and then released to the market.

All this keeping the true blue bong ‘locals’ spirit alive. So, do you want to forget all the clichés you have ever heard and truly want to get mesmerized by the flavor of Bengal? Come, board the ‘Last Local’!


Yours truly,

Team LastLocal™


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